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At Coastal Group Marinas, we’ve created a comprehensive approach that considers every phase and detail of the coastal development process.

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Marina Design

Coastal Group Marinas is well-equipped to handle the design and re-design of marinas, whether it be for a brand-new facility or an existing one. With extensive experience in creating efficient marina layouts, they have completed numerous high-profile projects both domestically and internationally. No matter the size and scope of the project, Coastal Group Marinas can offer valuable design insight throughout the entire process, from initial conceptual planning to the final construction documents. Their designs take into account the preferences of the marina market, ensuring that the end result will meet the most sought-after standards.

Construction of a Coastal Development Marina

Marina and Waterfront Project Construction Management

With many years of leadership experience and well-established relationships in the industry, Coastal Group Marinas is a dependable resource for providing construction management services for marina and waterfront projects. They possess essential professional knowledge of waterfront construction costs, materials, suppliers, procurement, means and methods, scheduling, and staffing. Coastal Group Marinas can assist in finalizing construction documents, defining scopes of work, preparing bid documents, managing, securing, and analyzing bids, recommending and selecting contractors and suppliers, overseeing inspections, and ultimately commissioning the project. As a one-stop shop for construction management, Coastal Group Marinas is prepared to handle every aspect of the process.

Generac Industrial Power - Waterfront Marina Development

Waterfront and Marina Development

Designing and developing waterfront and marina facilities can be a challenging and risky process. Coastal Group Marinas has several decades of professional development experience, both domestically and internationally, that can be leveraged to assist with these challenges and minimize the associated risks.

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Advisory Services for Marina Projects

Coastal Group Marinas is a highly sought-after professional advisor for marina and waterfront-related projects, offering invaluable input and advice based on decades of experience. Their expertise results in significant time and cost savings for clients, who benefit from the value they bring to every project.

Marina Engineering construction

Marine Engineering

Multi-disciplined engineering professionals play a crucial role in the construction of any waterfront or marina project. Coastal Group Marinas has established long-standing relationships with some of the best professionals in the industry, and can expertly secure, direct, and manage these resources to achieve the desired results for each marina project.

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Marina Permitting

Coastal Group Marinas takes charge of overseeing all regulatory permitting requirements for marina and waterfront projects. Drawing on their extensive experience and long-standing record of success in navigating the often complex and varied permitting guidelines and requirements across many domestic and international jurisdictions, Coastal Group Marinas can develop and execute a comprehensive plan to successfully secure waterfront permitting.

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Waterfront Development and Marina Entitlements

Today’s entitlement process for waterfront projects can be a complex and challenging task, involving political and environmental considerations. Coastal Group Marinas offers the vital expertise and guidance needed to formulate a comprehensive strategy to successfully navigate this process.

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Marina Owner Representation

Coastal Group Marinas has developed a strong knowledge foundation by working with a diverse range of well-known and high-profile owner/developer clients over the years. This expertise positions them to act as an owner’s surrogate and provide valuable support throughout the process, from upfront due diligence to proposing, selecting, negotiating, and finalizing contracts for client approval. With extensive marina experience, Coastal Group Marinas brings a unique perspective to the team.

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